How to Check if Natural Band-Aids Are Environmentally Friendly

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Natural band-aids have useful hypoallergenic properties. These products work well for people who have allergies to regular products that contain substances like latex. They also work well on sensitive skin.

You'll usually find that the manufacturers of natural band-aids also claim that their products are good for the environment. This sustainability is an added bonus. However, you should take care to check just how environmentally friendly a product is before you buy it. What do you need to know?

What Is the Packaging Made From?

When you check out natural band-aid products, look at the packaging first. At the very least, it should be made from a fully recyclable material such as cardboard. Most natural products can also go in a compost bin or pile where they break down quickly. Ideally, the packaging itself will be made from recycled materials in the first place. This two-way recyclability is much more environmentally friendly.

Are the Band-Aids Fully Compostable?

Band-aids are made from different materials and substances. While regular products contain things like latex, glues and chemicals, natural band-aids should only be made from natural products that you can compost safely.

So, look for band-aids that are made from sustainable materials such as bamboo. Bamboo is seen as a less destructive manufacturing material. The plant grows a lot faster than trees, so it is more sustainable. It will also easily break down in a compost bin.

You should also check any additives in products that might affect their ability to compost. For example, a good hypoallergenic band-aid won't contain any artificial colours. If will only use natural colourings. It will also use compostable and natural materials for its adhesive and backing paper.

Is There Any Plastic in the Product?

Before you choose which natural band-aids to buy, double-check that the products don't use any plastic in their manufacturing. Some band-aids do use plastic to wrap individual plasters to keep them sterile.

Look for manufacturers that have found an alternative way of wrapping their band-aids. Paper wrappers are better for the environment because they are recyclable and compostable.

If you can't find a product without plastic in it, then make sure that the manufacturer uses biodegradable plastics. These plastics aren't compostable; however, they will break down in the landfill eventually, unlike some other plastics.

To find out more, contact natural band-aid suppliers in your area and ask them to recommend the best environmentally-friendly products.